VIDEO: Georgia Poll Worker Ruby Freeman Runs SAME BALLOTS Through Tabulation Machine MULTIPLE TIMES


Video footage shows confirmed vote counter Ruby Freeman, whose daughter was identified as the supervisor of a secret vote counting session after observers were sent home, running the same stack of ballots through a vote tabulation machine multiple times while intermittently looking around to see if anyone was watching.

In the footage, Freeman can be seen holding the same stack of ballots close to her body while running them through the vote tabulation machine multiple times.

She then repeats this process with at least two more ballot stacks, furtively glancing behind herself every so often to see if anyone has taken notice of her behavior.

The ballots scanned by Freeman were taken from the suitcases that were hidden under tables until legal observers were sent home late at night.

The Gateway Pundit was able to identify Freeman from her distinctive hairstyle and wardrobe, which corresponded with corresponded with the business she owns called “La’Ruby.”

Subsequently, National File identified Freeman’s supervisor – who brought in the aforementioned suitcase ballots scanned multiple times by Freeman – as none other than her own daughter.

Freeman bragged on Facebook that “Y’all want to know who my supervisor is over here? It’s my daughter, but I just do what she say do and it’s her show baby, it’s her show.”

On Friday, National File uncovered additional footage of the Freemans surreptitiously passing a USB drive from themselves to an unidentified bearded black male in a gray shirt.

Freeman also filmed herself showing off the stacks of ballots in another video posted to Facebook.

While National File has been unable to confirm the standard number of ballots per stack placed in a vote tabulation machine, a voting machine expert told the Scientific American that high-speed scanners can scan 800 ballots per minute.

On the lower end of the spectrum, an older article from the National Conference of State Legislatures references speeds of “200 to 500 ballots per minute.”

Melissa Carone, an expert witness for the Trump campaign and a former Dominion Voting Services contractor, explained how Dominion votes are fed into the machine during her testimony in Michigan on December 2. Carone said that batches of 50 ballots are fed from the bottom, as we saw Freeman do, and then finish at the top. As viewers witnessed with Freeman, Carone said she witnessed vote counters repeatedly counting the same batch of votes.

Ruby Freeman was left unsupervised while repeatedly scanning the same ballot stacks for at least two minutes per the video footage isolated by National File.