VIDEO: Girl Melts Down on TikTok After Seeing ‘Pro-Life’ Sign


A girl began a teary rant on TikTok after seeing a pro-life advertisement while she was driving.

The disconsolate girl, with tears streaming down her face, opens her filmed rant by saying, “F*** off to people that are pro-life. I f***ing hate you. Why can’t women have abortions? I just saw a pro-life sign driving on the f***ing road.”

She then mumbles a little before continuing with, “You’re so f***ing stupid!” And she starts describing the sign, recalling: “I can’t feel pain before I was born–it’s a baby!”

“I wish I wasn’t f***ing born,” she explodes. “Stop bringing these f***ing kids into a horrible f***ing house because you’re pro-birth. You’re f***ing stupid–and I wish I had been f***ing aborted. Oh, my God!”

The screeching footage was introduced with a tweet dubbing the platform as “psychological warfare on the youth.”

The video raised several eyebrows, with commenters questioning the girl’s mental health.

One commenter, speaking about India, said “That’s why whole India is against TikTok. In 5 days we have reduced the TikTok India rating from 4.5 to 1.3 and every #BanTikTokIndia on 1 on Twitter. We are trying hard to ban this cringy, terrorism promoter app ASAP.”

Later the conversation turned against China.

“It’s not only psychological warfare. This is a China company. Their laws say they must turn all info gathered to communist China government… TikTok has outrageous malware. No parent should allow their children to have it on any devices…” remarked one tweeter.

Another tweeted: “Tik Tok is literally a Chinese communist weapon against the western youth. They see how stupid they are and use it against them.”


I was not crying bc of pro lifers I just saw the sign while I was having this meltdown & looking back it made me laugh #foru #fyp

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The original TikTok video amassed over 120,000 views from a user who has a little over 2,100 followers. The user claims to have been suffering from a meltdown when she saw the sign rather than the sign eliciting a flood of emotions.