VIDEO: Greek Farmer on Tractor Repels Illegal Migrants With Water Cannon


Video footage shows Greek farmers riding farm tractors in a battle charge against arsonist migrants that are trying to set fires along the Greek-Turkish border, and repelling the migrants with well-aimed sprays from irrigation cannon.

As the clash between Greek citizens and illegal migrants turned loose by Turkey intensifies, the migrants have begun setting fires under the metal border fencing in an attempt to weaken it.

Greek farmers have fought back in an unconventional way.

In footage reminiscent of an ancient battle charge by Greek hippeis, a farmer charges along the border fence in a tractor, dousing the migrants nearest the fence with a concentrated burst of what is likely water, driving them back from the fence.

In related news, an open borders pro-migrant journalist was slapped about by Greek locals for reportedly interfering on behalf of migrants.

Via National File:

Video footage from Greece shows a left-wing German journalist who openly supports mass “refugee” migration getting soundly beaten by a contingent of Greek islanders who were apparently angered at his attempts to provide positive press coverage for the migrants.

Michael Trammer is a left-wing activist and self-described freelance journalist reporting on “far-right activities” who was at the scene when Greek locals tried to push a boat loaded with migrant men away from the docks on the island of Lesbos.

Trammer was surrounded by locals and slapped around, and the camera he was using to take sympathetic photos of the migrants was thrown into the water.

Trammer later described his attackers as “fascists,” though there is zero evidence that the Greek locals were members of any such organization.

Full video of the incident can be seen here.