VIDEO: Hammer-Wielding Leftist Tries And Fails To Destroy Trump Sign


A video posted to Facebook and shot earlier this week in Cary, North Carolina shows a hammer-wielding leftist desperately trying – and failing – to destroy a Trump campaign sign mounted to a telephone pole.

After stopping his car in the middle of traffic, the deranged leftist armed with a small hammer was filmed in broad daylight jumping up and down beneath a Trump campaign sign in a futile attempt to smack it to the ground.

When questioned by the man recording him as to why he had decided to try and destroy the sign, he said that it was on public property and therefore subject to his removal. “Well you’re a real stickler for the law, aren’t you?” the man recording replied.

After realizing that he was too far too short to actually make an impact, the hammer-wielding leftist smugly shouted “that’s alright, that’ll come down soon” before stomping back to his car and speeding off.

The President’s campaign signs have been frequent targets of left-wing vandals and thieves nationwide since 2016. Recently, in Porterville, California, a man’s massive homemade “Trump 2020” sign, designed to resemble the famous “Hollywood” billboard was almost completely destroyed by vandals.

The sign’s owner had spent hours reconstructing the it just prior to its destruction as he had been forced to disassemble its previous incarnation after city officials claimed it violated code.