VIDEO: Hannity Defends Bolton, ‘Things Were Different After 9/11’, Gets Laughed at by Tucker


As neocon folk hero and former Trump administration National Security Advisor John Bolton made waves in the media news cycle over the past week, footage from last September has resurfaced of Fox News’ two biggest names disagreeing about Bolton.

The video footage, which is from September 2019, shows Sean Hannity taking issue with Tucker Carlson over the latter’s vigorous denouncement of Bolton’s “chickenhawk” policies.

Carlson had just wrapped up a passionate monologue in which he said American life has been “thrown away” for “the vanity of morons like John Bolton, Max Boot, & Bill Kristol.”

“So, I’m listening to what you just said,” Hannity interjects as Carlson signs off for the night.

“Yeah,” Carson responds, smiling.

“Very thoughtful, I disagree with you about Bolton, I disagree, times were different after 9/11,” Hannity says.

“Oh, he’s the worst,” Carlson says, before breaking into his signature laugh.

Carlson has always taken a strong stance against Bolton’s foreign policy.  In March 2018 he interviewed Bolton on his television program “Tucker Carson Tonight.”

The exchange between the two men was tense, with Bolton calling Carlson “simpleminded” for not agreeing with the former’s position that the United States should have let Israel bomb Iran.

“The point I think you need to understand,” Bolton said while gesticulating towards Carlson, “is that life is complicated in the Middle East, when what you say is ‘oh the United States shouldn’t have overthrown Saddam Hussein’, which is simplistic.”

“I would argue that I’m the one who understands how complicated it is,” Carlson said.

“It’s your long experience in foreign policy, I know,” Bolton snapped.

“Better record than yours, I would say,” Carlson responded, laughing at the visibly flustered Bolton.

National File reported Tuesday on evidence that Bolton pocketed some $115,000 from a foundation run by Ukrainian steel oligarch and Clinton Foundation donor Viktor Pinchuk.