VIDEO: Horseback Colorado Residents Run Antifa/BLM Out of Town


Fed up Berthoud, Colorado, residents were caught on film running left-wing protesters out of town as unrest continues throughout the USA.

The Berthoud protests were organized by a local thirteen-year-old girl who wanted to do something for Black Lives Matter. Violence erupted at protests in Aurora, Colorado, over last year’s death of Elijah McClain, per Reporter Herald.

Small towns, such as Berthoud, have been no stranger to the recent wave of Black Lives Matter protests. However, these smaller communities are markedly less tolerant of protesters as major cities across the country were destroyed by the initial rioting that followed George Floyd’s in-custody death.

A pro-police “Back The Blue” counter-protest swelled and outnumbered the younger Black Lives Matter protesters. CBS 4 reported that a few scuffles broke out as the two opposing groups clashed.

In the video, locals mounted horses to marshal the unwelcome individuals away from the center of the protests.

“Back off, young man. We’ve got a real sheriff in town now,” one resident told protesters as the 5-minute long clip begins.

Cries of “keep moving! Get outta here!” were heard as several residents on horseback and foot alike shepherd the protesters away, while making it firmly known to them that they would not be accepting any messes by yelling “and pick up your trash!“.

Screams and muffled slogans could be heard while expletive-laden commands were hurled at the protesters by the fed-up residents.

On social media, dozens of impressed viewers congratulated the town’s no-nonsense stance on the protesters. Many wished that other towns would follow their example in repelling disorderly protesters–who make headlines on a near-daily basis.

“It’s great to see a city protecting its citizens and property! I hope this spreads throughout the country. Where the politicians are too cowardly to do their jobs the people will do it for them,” one person commented on YouTube.

“Um- looks like just a peaceful protest and people holding signs others just don’t agree with – even if those pushing the protestors out don’t agree with the message – there is still the 1st Amendment…” one tweeter remarked, disagreeing with the general consensus.

Other small towns resisted pro-BLM protests. An Ohio town expelled a locally-inspired Black Lives Matter protest, telling attendees that it was not “Seattle”–a reference to the now-defunct far left anarchist commune CHAZ/CHOP which was at its zenith at the time.

During the aftermath of the protest, Buzzfeed penned a piece where a local witness and protester accused the counter-protesters of being racist and throwing around racial epithets.

Divisions continue to rise as violence continues. Seattle and Minneapolis, in the meantime, move to defund their police forces in favor of a community-led action organization.