VIDEO: Howley Exposes Paul Pelosi Jr.’s Ukrainian Business Dealings on OAN


During an appearance on One America News Network, National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley discussed his reports on the allegedly corrupt business dealings of Paul Pelosi Jr. in Ukraine, as well as his successful attempt to have his ex-girlfriend’s children taken by Child Protective Service.

Howley joined One America News to discuss his extensive reporting on the Ukrainian business dealings of Pelosi Jr., the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and his hour long interview with ex-girlfriend Karena Feng.

“He claimed that he was meeting with the Ukraine government to discuss a youth soccer program,” said Howley. “However, we now know that the World Sports Alliance was a diamond mining scam, and also a crypto currency scam.”

Howley explained that Pelosi Jr.’s friend and business partner in the World Sports Alliance is now facing 20 years behind bars for possible criminal activity.

“Paul Pelosi Jr.’s good friend and business associate, Assa St. Claire, who ran the World Sports Alliance, is now facing 20 years in prison and is being prosecuted by the Southern District of New York.”

Howley continued to explain the FBI’s investigation into Pelosi Jr.

“The FBI has interviewed people about Paul Pelosi’s business activities. In early 2019, they met with Karena Feng, who is Paul Pelosi’s ex-girlfriend, in order to discuss Paul Pelosi’s business activities.”

He continued, “Karena Feng told them that Paul Pelosi represents himself as the Office of Nancy Pelosi when he does foreign business deals.”

In 2019, Howley famously interviewed Feng, who detailed years of alleged fraud and abuse that she says ultimately led to Pelosi Jr. to use CPS to have her children removed.

“We are watching a group of political elites being exposed and weaponizing their power against regular people,” said Howley.

“When you see Paul Pelosi Jr. using Child Protective Services to take the children away from a woman who he once had feelings for,” he continued, “You realize that the conflict is not a partisan conflict, it’s a conflict between an enthrenched group of people who do shady deals all over the world, and they are weaponizing their power against people who are calling them out about it.”