VIDEO: Hundreds of White People Sit on Ground, Chant Mantras to Renounce ‘White Privilege’


Following the various videos to circulate the internet amid the George Floyd protests, some white allies of Black Lives Matter sit on the ground in Maryland to renounce their white privilege.

As protests go international, some people have gone as far as to exploit their children for politically-charged virtue signaling. Now, several images have shown dozens–if not, hundreds–of white people make self-abasing gestures to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

On the footage, the announcer talks about racism, anti-blackness or violence. The hundreds of attendees, on the ground, with their hands raised repeat the announcer’s pro-black secular prayers in robotic unison.

“I will use my voice in the most uplifting way possible,” the announcer beams, “and do everything in my power to educate my community.”

Commenters did not sympathize much with the gesture, with many throwing criticisms at their actions.

“I’m not white but this is just dumb,” one viewer wrote.

“I would guess that many of these people were ‘social distance’ shaming the anti-lockdown protests. From one psyop to the next,” commented another.

A third wrote: “When people have to kneel down, apologise and renounce the colour of their skin. I don’t care who’s doing it. That’s literally the definition of racism.”

A fourth remarked: “Just when I think the left can’t get any more deranged, this comes along.”

How in the world does this FIX anything? Oh wait… If this is done, they can absolve themselves from imaginary guilt, and then they can feel excused from actually doing anything substantial…” said another.

Other people were pressured into bending the knee or renounce their “white privilege” on camera. The media has reopened a debate on the imaginary concept of “white privilege,” stoking the fire as Western society appears to be increasingly divided.

CNN has hosted two guests on two separate segments who have openly spouted anti-white remarks while denouncing racism.