VIDEO: Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Politician Appears to ‘Protest’ Trump Alongside Antifa


Thursday, President Donald J. Trump spoke to massive crowds of supporters in Minnesota, Minneapolis in US House member Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) district.

A large group of rioters gathers to harass attendees as they exited, throwing objects at police and horses, starting fights with Trump supporters and blocking the movement of cars trying to leave the parking areas.

Signs in the crowd read: “Eat Rich People”, “Marx Was Right”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Impeach” and derogatory things about Trump.

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Rioters threw bottles of urine at police officers and rally attendees. Also spotted was the Communist Flag.

A rioter who looked very much like the Rep. Omar was spotted in the crowd.

Full video was posted, is that Omar? (around 7:00)

Confirmed in the riots was an MN State house member, according to reports.

“Rep. Aisha Gomez (DFL) of the Minnesota House of Representatives caught on film protesting with ANTIFA in the streets outside Target Center during President Donald Trump’s visit to MN.

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Andy Mannix @AndrewMannix reports for @startribune on federal courts, and law enforcement. Andy Mannix captured on video Antifa protestors outside the Target Center, yelling profanities, beating on random cars driving by, verbally assaulting rally attendees,” reported Twin Cities Talk.

Mannix has been suspended from Twitter, following the posting of these videos.

Also in a “hoodie” disguise was someone who looked just like Omar’s boyfriend, the man who just recently separated from his wife after having an affair with Omar.

Here is a clip of a man who looked like the boyfriend, Mynett, saying “I am protecting the representative”:

The night was filled with violence.

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