Video: Illegal Alien Caravan Invades America at Normandy, Texas


Disturbing video footage recorded this week via drone shows a caravan of illegal aliens invading Normandy, Texas along America’s border with Mexico. Millions of illegal aliens have already crossed America’s border this year, shattering previous records under the watch of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“Our thermal drone team witnessed several hundred migrants crossing illegally into Normandy, TX before sunrise,” FOX reporter Bill Melugin reported in a Thursday morning tweet. Included in the post was drone footage showing an illegal alien caravan snaking its way toward sovereign American territory, and helping to shatter illegal border crossing records in the process.

“Per CBP source,” reported Melugin, “Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector has already had over 46,000 illegal crossings since October 1st, including 1,700+ in [the] last 24 hours.”

Throughout the video, a seemingly endless caravan of illegal aliens can be seen casually making its way down a well-defined path, facing zero resistance from Mexican authorities, as usual.

See the disturbing caravan footage below:

In the fiscal year of 2022, Joe Biden’s first complete fiscal year in the Oval Office, a record-setting number of more than 2 million illegal aliens were caught entering the United States by Border Patrol officers, some of whom were arrested along America’s border with Mexico multiple times. Each time, they were seemingly let go before taking another crack at illegally infiltrating the United States.

Border Patrol agents have reported arresting illegal aliens from all over the third world, including the radically Islamic Middle East.

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Alarmingly, the 2 million number only represents those who were caught by Border Patrol agents and either sent back to Mexico or allowed to stay in America. Largely, this has been thanks to heavily-manipulated “asylum” claims, in-country catch and release, as well as other factors that have weakened America’s real-world national security.

All the while, America’s open borders political establishment has refused to act.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has actively moved to open America’s border with the third world, even more, having recalled the California National Guard from border watch duties.

In Arizona, Trump-endorsed GOP nominee Kari Lake has taken matters into her own hands and vows that she will declare a border emergency upon her election to the state’s governorship, mobilizing the national guard and even moving to finish incomplete sections of America’s border wall to protect Arizona and the nation.

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