Video: Incoming Italian Prime Minster Slams LGBT Movement, Attacks On The Family, Christianity In 2019 Speech


Last Updated on September 26, 2022

Italy’s probably future prime minister has invigorated Conservatives across social media over comments she made in a 2019 speech.

Giorgia Meloni, a leading figure of the country’s nationalist and populist movement, is set to become Italy’s first female prime minister ever.

Exit polls from Sunday show Meloni is expected to crush her opponent, a Democrat-aligned politician.

Following news of her probable victory, a speech Meloni gave to the World Congress of Families has spread like wildfire across Conservative social media circles.

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Meloni eloquently describes the government’s involvement in the culture war and how she intends to defend traditional, national, religious, and gender identities.

Meloni slammed the establishment for supposedly making the nuclear family an enemy and suggested the regime fears the family “because it defines us.”

“Everything that defines us is now an enemy, so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother, no. I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number, because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators,” Meloni said with a fiery tone.


Conservatives applauded Meloni for her rhetoric.

One social media user called on the GOP to push a narrative similar to Meloni’s.

Take notes, @GOP. This is called an agenda. Nobody gets excited to vote for a party that just complains about the other side and then governs exactly like them. People seek a bold vision. Your current “commitments” are unsatisfactory.”

Political commentator Wayne Dupree also echoed calls for Republican politicians to imitate Meloni’s leadership.

“Look at the way this champion speaks! Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni’s clear message about family and values transcends to all of her country folk. Now, look at our representatives. Fighting, arguing, putting on a good show, trying to be seen instead of speaking to all Americans,” Dupree commented on Twitter.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shared Meloni’s speech, calling it “beautifully said.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) also congratulated Meloni and Italy for their “strong right-wing government.”

“This month, Sweden voted for a right-wing government. Now, Italy voted for a strong right-wing government. The entire world is beginning to understand that the Woke Left does nothing but destroy. Nov 8 is coming soon & the USA will fix our House and Senate! Let freedom reign,” the Colorado congresswoman tweeted.

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