VIDEO: Indian Men Hold Plunger-Shaped Torches While Chanting ‘China Virus Go Back’


Video footage shows a group of men in India standing in a group at night holding flaming torches and chanting “China virus go back!”

The men, some of whom are wearing surgical masks, chant, “China virus, go back. Go back, go back” while holding aloft long-handled torches.

The video was posted to Twitter with the caption “CHINA VIRUS GO BACK”: Indian citizens stand together with flaming toilet plungers and chant to protest the coronavirus.

The caption appears to be erroneous, as the torches are not actually toilet plungers but mashaals, a type of traditional torch with a circular, often bowl-shaped brass top and and a long, tapered wooden staff.

An Indian citizen was quick to correct the inaccurate use of the term “plunger,” stating, “It is not the toilet plunger you id10ts . It is called ‘Mashaal’. It is used to carry fire inside. It is made up of a metal brass pot and a strong wooden staff support. Not everyone on this planet follows your toilet plunger thinking.”

Other users were quick to confirm this, pointing out that as India has a statistically very low number of toilets comparable to the total population, plungers are likely not in high demand.

India initially reported much fewer cases of coronavirus than other large countries, and as of press time has reported approximately 4,000 cases.

The numbers are quite low for such a large population, however, the Indian government is still taking strict precautionary measures in case the pandemic has a greater effect on the region in coming weeks.

India is reportedly turning trains into hospitals in an effort to prepare for COVID-19.