VIDEO: Ivanka Trump Brushes Off, Totally Ignores CNN’s Jim Acosta


CNN journalist Jim Acosta, a constant critic of the Trump administration who, in part, led President Donald Trump to end White House press briefings, attempted to score an interview with the president’s daughter in Davos, Switzerland.

The video was originally posted to Twitter by CNN’s Matt Hoye with the caption “CNN’s @acosta catches up with @IvankaTrump at #Davos.”

In the video, Acosta is seen repeatedly approaching and speaking to Ivanka Trump as the president’s daughter completely ignores him and walks away from the CNN camera crew.

“With your father’s impeachment trial, what are your thoughts,” started Acosta, as Trump looked past him and continued a quiet conversation with the female aide beside her.

Still, Acosta continued, “Any comments on your father’s impeachment trial?”

At this point, Trump’s aid pushed Acosta’s microphone out of the way as the group continued to walk past him.

“Leadership witnesses,” Acosta continued. “What are your thoughts on your father’s speech in Switzerland this morning?”

Trump continued to ignore Acosta as the moved further away from the camera.

The entire interaction took roughly 15 seconds.

The scene was reminiscent of a 2018 interaction in which Acosta refused to stop talking over other journalists, and then started a physical altercation with a White House employee who attempted to take the microphone from Acosta’s hand.

Soon after, President Trump would stop routine press briefings in the White House.

President Trump is in Davos, Switzerland today for the World Economic Forum, a yearly event held in the country meant for government and business leaders to discuss political and economic cooperation in the coming year.