VIDEO: Jim Jordan Slams Google for Allowing China to Censor YouTube Through Partnership With WHO


After years of censorship appear to have reached fever pitch with recent censorship of President Donald Trump, his son, and a series of frontline doctors treating COVID-19 patients, big tech leaders were summoned to Washington, D.C. for the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law’s examination of online platforms and market power, where Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) savaged Google and YouTube for allowing China to censor Americans by vowing to censor anyone who disagrees with the World Health Organization.

While naming a series of recent examples of censorship at the hands of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Jordan blasted the organization for amending its policy to state that it will systematically censor anyone who disagrees with the positions put forward by the World Health Organization, even after the United States severed its relationship with the international group due to its support for China throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, its refusal to list COVID-19 statistics for Taiwan, and its blatant parroting of Chinese propaganda in the early days of the virus’s spread.

“I’ll just cut to the chase, big tech’s out to get conservatives,” said Jordan. “That’s not a suspicion, that’s not a hunch, that’s a fact.”

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“April 19 2020, Google and YouTube announce a policy censoring the content that conflicts with recommendations of the World Health Organization,” Jordan continued. “Now, think about that. The organization that lied to us, the organization that shilled for China. And if you contradict something they say, they can say whatever they want, they can shill for China.”

“You say something against them? You get censored.”

Jordan refers to a new policy that users have recently experienced from Google and YouTube. As YouTube commentator Matt Christiansen recently wrote, “YouTube has banned by video this morning for talking about the doctor press conference in DC. Unreal.”

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Google and YouTube have repeatedly banned videos of the America’s Frontline Doctors Summit because several of the doctors publicly disagreed with the WHO, insisting that hydroxychloroquine can be used to treat, “cure,” and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to Google’s policy, “YouTube does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities’ medical information about COVID-19,” it continues, “Including on methods to prevent, treat, or diagnose COVID-19 and means of transmission of COVID-19.”

Before mentioning Google’s adherence to the China-affiliated WHO, Jordan first referenced the July 20 decision by Google to remove the home pages of both Breitbart and The Daily Caller from its search results. “July 20th 2020 Google removes the home pages of Breitbart and The Daily Caller,” said Jordan. “Just last night we learned Google has censored Breitbart so much traffic has declined by 99%.”

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The representative refers to an interview between Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in which Marlow admitted that, due to big tech’s monopoly-like stranglehold over the Internet, traffic to the conservative powerhouse website is down 99.7%.

Breitbart reported:

MARLOW: Thanks Tucker, thanks for having me. Always a treat to be with you. And I will start with some breaking news that I can share on the show, which is that Breitbart — we’ve done deep-dive research into our Google traffic comparing it to the 2016 election. And we picked that because we unearthed video a couple of years ago with our own Allum Bokhari, who reported on the global vice president of Google, Ken Walker, who said he is going to endeavor to make populism and nationalism a blip or a hiccup. So we naturally took him at his word because if you understand the left, they don’t tend to lie about such things.

We started looking at our traffic, and gradually since the 2016 election, Google has been diminishing our search results, and then all of a sudden, in May of this year virtually, we virtually lost all Google traffic, all search traffic altogether. Let me give you some specific pieces of data — a Google track, some called a visibility index — this is sort of like the Nielsen score. That’s when your content shows up on one of their pages. Breitbart is down 99.7%. Overall our Google traffic is down nearly two-thirds.

Jordan also noted that on “June 16 2020, Google threatens to demonetize and ban The Federalist,” referring to Google’s threat to revoke the publication’s ability to serve ads if it does not censor its comments section to remove what the company believes is false or derogatory information about Black Lives Matter protests.