VIDEO: Joe Biden Erupts At Reporter, Screams ‘WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY’


Disturbing video footage show former Vice President and presidential hopeful Joe Biden having a psychotic episode after being asked a question, screaming at and apparently shoving a reporter with a balled fist.

At a campaign event in Mason, Iowa Biden was asked by CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe, “Yesterday, you said you accepted Bernie’s apology, now you’re attacking him, why are you doing that? Why wasn’t his apology enough, Mr. Vice President?”

Biden slowly turned towards the reporter, who repeated, “Why attack Sanders?”

Biden started waving his hands and lunged forward, bellowing, “Why why why why why why why!”

“You’re getting nervous, man! Calm down, it’s okay,” Biden snapped. “He apologized for saying that I was corrupt. He didn’t say anything about whether or not I was telling the truth about Social Security.”

Biden then shoved the reporter in the chest with a closed fist and stormed away.

Twitter users were quick to mock the former Vice President for the outburst.

Other users thought Biden’s response was measured, perhaps even merited.

National File reached out to the Biden campaign for comment on the incident, and did not receive an immediate response.