VIDEO: Joe Rogan Tells Alex Jones He Left California Because of COVID Lockdowns, Riots


During radio and television host Alex Jones’ recent appearance on Episode 1,555 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan explained why he left his home state of California and moved to Texas after signing his exclusive nine-figure deal with streaming platform Spotify.

“Why did you try to escape California?” Jones asked.

“Well I told you, the looting. When the looting hit, I had zero faith in their ability to maintain law and order because, if you’re gonna pay all that money in taxes, I feel like you should at least feel like they’re protecting things,” Rogan said.

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The podcast host continued, “And when they were just letting them smash windows and cops were told to stand down, particulary in Santa Monica there was like, direct orders  -and the sheriff was being widely criticized for this – they were told to stand down while these people were smashing and looting things.”

Rogan added that “you can’t live in a place where things like that are being tolerated.”

“It was also that, there were restrictions that were put in place that didn’t make any sense to me,” Rogan said. “There was restrictions for restaurants, restrictions for comedy clubs, restrictions for gyms.”

“Yeah, why are churches closed, but Walmart’s open?” Jones asked.

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“Well, why are churches closed but why is it okay to protest? Why is everybody letting people protest? Why aren’t they saying, ‘listen I understand your want and desire to protest, but understand that you’re most likely contributing to the spread of this virus?” Rogan added.

Jones’ appearance on the JRE podcast alongside comedian Tim Dillon made caused mass panic among seething left-wing deplatforming activists when the episode premiered Tuesday afternoon.