VIDEO: Kanye Says Liberals Want to Remove Jesus, Threatens to go ‘Alex Jones Level’


In a wide ranging interview for his new album, JESUS IS KING, Kanye West launched into a rant about the state of American culture, saying he happily removed himself from it, and that he only fears God, before mentioning Alex Jones.

West repeatedly said that he is no longer doing whatever the “white liberal” wants him to do when it comes to engaging in culture, voting, and is instead focusing on living his life independently.

“They were fighting for us to have the right to our opinion, not the right to vote for whoever the white liberal said black people are supposed to vote for,” said West.

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“Then James Cordon went in and said, well this president, you’re Christian, and this president, I don’t see anything Christian about him,” West went on, “I said so okay last year y’all tried to tell me me who I’m supposed to vote for because I’m black, now this year white liberals are trying to tell me who I’m supposed to vote for because I’m Christian.”

The rapper then extolled the virtues of America, saying, “It’s not a matter of whether you like it, or who like it, we are in a country where we are allowed to like whoever we like.”

When asked for his response to those who say he has “turned his back” on popular culture, West responded “Exactly, 100 per cent. I have turned my back on the idea of victimization mentality.”

West went on, “Democrats had us voting Democrat for food stamps for years… Guns in the 80s, taking fathers out the home, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abort our children.”

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The interviewer then asked West if he is afraid of losing his audience, prompting him to respond “I told you I’m only afraid of God. I’m only afraid of my daddy, God.”

He continued, “God is showing that you can have your own thoughts, bro. I been cancelled before we had cancel culture. Who told you that my career would be over? The same people that are telling you that you can’t have a right to say who you would vote for?”

West then explained that these are the same people pushing anti-Christian messages.

“Those people would be soon to take Jesus out the school. Those people would be soon to remove Jesus, period, from America. Which is the Bible Belt.”

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He went on, “Those people would be soon – man, come on man, I’m not trying to go Alex Jones level on you, man. Come on, man, like, wake up Mr. West. Wake up, Culture.”

West concluded, “Everybody thinks they’re so woke but they’re following the rules of what woke [is] supposed to be.”