VIDEO: Kayne Turns To Christianity, Says ‘Republicans Freed The Slaves’


Saturday Kanye West, a popular supporter of President Donald J. Trump, performed in front of a massive live audience in Utah during what he has called a “Sunday Service Collective”, where he intends to deliver a combination of R and B, Hip Hop and Gospel like songs, in support of free-thinking.

“Republicans freed the slaves,” said West.  “I never make decisions on my color. You want to call me a Coon, we have a right to our opinions. That is a form of slavery to expect me to make a decision based on my color.”

“The thing about Sunday Service is it mostly *isn’t* Kanye, it’s his choir and band, the Sunday Service Collective. They were amazing,” said one observer online, impressed with the event.

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On Saturday West said, “Do not read comments on the Internet. These people don’t know you like that. Social media is designed to make you think slower. … They want to slow you down and control you,” West said. 

“There’s one in three African-Americans in jail in this country. Who said, ‘thank you, Kanye?’ What I want you to say is, ‘thank you, Jesus,” West said.

What is Sunday Service Collective?  Weekly events have turned into a social media movement.  At first it was friends and family and celebrating his transformation thru Christ.  It is a Musical Ministry.

“The Venue changes, the guests change and this is Kayne’s cover of Gospel songs. Collaborators are bringing unity to the country.  No media is allowed, but the internet is full of photos,” said XXL reporter.


West is a born again follower of Jesus Christ and is using his music to minister to who he says are the mental captives, especially concentrating of freeing the minds of Black Voters.  West has been vocal about Trump, since the election, although he has said that he did not vote for Trump in 2016 he plans to pick Trump as president in 2020.

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Sunday Service Collective is a mixture of music and pastoring, in what is a growing American revival movement with other Christian faith leaders around the country.


West has been a supporter of President Donald J. Trump.  Both Kayne and his wife Kim Kardashian are very active in promoting Trump’s prison reform agenda to their combined 90 Million Twitter followers.

It looks like this movement has some real legs.  Look for Trump to gain a number of supports from the combined West-Kardasian support.

UTAH- home of Mitt Romney: