VIDEO: Laura Loomer Confronts Jack Dorsey Over Tech Censorship During Bitcoin Conference


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was confronted by journalist Laura Loomer on the issue of Twitter’s rampant censorship policies during a Bitcoin conference on Friday. Video footage of the heated exchange quickly went viral on several platforms, including Twitter.

“Censorship is a human rights violation, you are censoring people, you are interfering in elections,” Loomer yelled at Dorsey, who appeared to be sporting a very dark tan. Loomer’s remarks drew cheers and applause from the crowd, with one man yelling “Why did you deplatform her?” in regard to Loomer’s own suspension from the platform.

“I just stormed the stage of the Bitcoin2021 conference to confront Jack Dorsey about his hypocrisy regarding censorship and decentralization,” Loomer wrote on her Telegram channel. “After I confronted him, I was removed from the conference. How can the King of Censorship and the tech tyrant himself possibly speak about decentralization and human rights? He’s a hypocrite.”

Loomer added, “Silencing millions of people is a human rights violation. Bitcoin is about freedom, which Jack Dorsey clearly doesn’t support.”

“I was just kicked out of the Bitcoin2021 conference by security for calling out Jack Dorsey during his speech,” Loomer noted. “How can the king of censorship speak about decentralization? The ticket for the conference cost $900 and was paid for with bitcoin. Kind of ironic!  PocketNet is also here calling out Jack Dorsey and Big Tech censorship!”

As National File previously reported, Loomer has compared tech censorship to China’s controversial social credit score system at a recent press conference:

Laura Loomer, the first congressional candidate ever to be deplatformed, spoke last. Loomer, who had organized much of the effort to get the Big Tech bills off the ground, noted that some of the biggest adversaries to the bill have not been Democrats, but Republicans “who are RINOs and say we’re too controversial.” Loomer argued that free speech is a civil right, and the Big Tech censorship of Americans is equivalent to a Chinese social credit score system, which is “coming to America quicker than the China virus.”