VIDEO: Liberal Protester Squeals at Trump Supporter Chanting ‘Trump 2020’


A viral video has appeared on Twitter from a protest showing a woman squeal at a Trump supporter chanting “Trump 2020.”

In the video, the punk-attired woman with a Mohawk screams at Trump supporters as a young man with a “Make America Great Again” hat chants pro-Trump slogans.

The woman approaches the Trump supporter and begins screeching in his face until a fellow protester walks up to her to take her away from the scene.

Sadly for the loud protester, many on social media did not warm up to her cause.

“I honestly cannot recall a chapter in my life in which I had that much free time,” tweeted one person.

“This video is perfectly illustrative of Twitter debates, in general, on any topic,” remarked another account.

A third sarcastically chimed in: “Just normal people, doing Normal things, living on the fringes and never knowing happiness.”

A fourth wrote: “They know they aren’t going to get their way again. Even if they yell like children.”

Comparisons were drawn between the interaction in the short clip and arguments on social media. Additionally, many referred to the images around the previous election, showing anti-Trump protesters get “triggered” by the current president.

Since the George Floyd riots erupted over the weekend, radical left-wing anarchist group Antifa was to be designated as a terrorist organization over their participation in coordinating the destructive riots.

One Pittsburgh man was reportedly turned in by his parents after he was spotted by a co-worker on a social media post causing havoc and inciting riotous behavior over the weekend.

A suspected Antifa member was also seen paying off certain individuals and directing them as part of orchestrating a riot.

The footage has led many to believe that the riots were pre-planned and financed to bring major U.S. cities to their knees.