VIDEO: Man Brings Hunting Bow to Protest, Gets Beaten, Has Car Set on Fire


An old man was beaten up and had his car burned after bringing a hunting bow to Salt Lake City George Floyd protests before firing at the crowd.

In the bizarre footage, the man brandishing the weapon begins drawing the bow and aiming at protesters.

One protester tackles the civilian before he is swarmed by multiple attendees who viciously beat him in return for his actions.

Then, his car is vandalized, overturned, and set aflame in an act of retribution for what could have been a fatal stunt.

The man was heard to be yelling โ€œall lives matterโ€ as he attempted to dish out arrow shots at the protesters.

Police reportedly hung back and allowed protesters to have their way with the manโ€™s vehicle.

In an interview following the incident, the bow-wielding man recounted his telling of events, claiming to be in the car when his car was tossed over. He later claimed that two African Americans had beaten him through an open window in his car despite the footage on social media telling an entirely different story.

One commenter sarcastically remarked: โ€œSo he was just an innocent victim sitting in his car when two black guys punched him through the windowโ€ฆ.hmm. So it was his twin, with the bow & arrow, standing outside of the car, targeting people, who was smacked in the head with a skateboard by a not black person?โ€

โ€œAs the Spongebob characters once said, โ€œHow many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?โ€ joked another tweeter.

According to other reports, the man was seen wandering through traffic yelling โ€œall lives matterโ€ while carrying a machete.

The Salt Lake City archer is simply one of many bizarre and dangerous images to have reached social media by those on the ground from the past couple of days.