VIDEO: Man Enrages BLM Mob by Calmly Sunbathing, Reading a Book in the Middle of a Protest


Video footage of a man calmly working on his tan and reading a book in the midst of a public park while a loud protest rages around him caused left-wing Twitter users to seethe and demand that he be doxxed and assaulted Wednesday.

In the video, protesters can be seen surrounding a shirtless man in a public park who is reading a book and sunning himself in front of signs containing the names of people that the protesters believe died because of racism.

The man is notably calm and unbothered, even as the crowd screams and claps their hands in an apparent effort to distract him.

A Black Lives Matter Twitter posted the video Tuesday with the caption, “A white man refusing to let us pay respect to George Floyd and continuing to read his book and tan in the middle of our demonstration is why we need change now.”

The reason why a person minding their own business and educating themselves via the written word is seen as an act of racism that requires “change now” was not specified in the tweet.

Several Black Lives Matter supporters fantasized about assaulting the man, and some demanded that he be doxxed by the Twitter mob, a common practice in left-wing circles.

One user, who claimed to be a leader of the protests, clarified that, “As one of the community leaders, I can attest for him and say that he was there two days in a row mourning his mother that passed. He is also mentally ill. We protested around him.”

Other users showed support for the man, stating that there is nothing wrong with reading in a public park, and that public spaces do not exclusively belong to political activists.

Violence against innocent bystanders has been a recurring theme in the riots and protests sweeping across the United States.