VIDEO: Man Forced to Take Covid-19 Test Against His Will


A video of a man who repeatedly refuses to take a Covid-19 test has emerged, adding to compounding fears over heavy-handed responses from authorities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Several countries have already imposed tough fines and steep punishments for breaching social distancing requirements as countries scramble to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which has infected over a million people on a global scale.

In the video, the man is heard pleading medical professionals to leave him alone; but, the increasingly frustrated medical staff ignore his pleas and take matters into their own hands.

The man starts by saying, “please leave me alone,” before repeating himself, ignoring the requests of staff, then clapping to the semi-musical demand of “please leave me alone.”

A nurse rejoinders, saying that he wouldn’t be left alone until he complied with their wishes, “not until you get on the bed.”

“I’m not getting on the bed,” the man replies, “it doesn’t work like that, bro.”

The man then turns to the camera, asking: “anybody know a lawyer, bro?”

He continues, “somebody send me a lawyer,” before he’s cut off by the leading medical professional.

The large orderlies encircle the man who begins to scream “no, it ain’t work like this, man! This ain’t right, man!” at which point, the man drops the camera.

He attempts to bargain with the staff, stating that he doesn’t want a needle in his arm.

After a failed back-and-forth, the man claims the staff are the ones who are “crazy.”

As the footage goes dark, a struggle can be heard between the patient and the staff.

The man accuses the staff of choking him mid-struggle. The man later calls for help, branding the situation as “ain’t right.”

Suddenly, the man bursts into tears, crying out in pain. He then refers to there being a “revolution now” following the incident.