VIDEO: Man Licks Pole on Subway Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


A man was filmed licking a pole on a subway cart as a horrified mask-clad commuter looks on.

A nascent trend has recently involved several people thirsty for social media clout licking inanimate objects ranging from toilets to hygienic products to hand rails, for example.

Many film themselves performing the unsanitary, stomach-churning stunts for social media clout as the majority of commenters vent their disgust at their actions.

In this particular video, the man calmly licks the pole on film as a commuter moves away in apparent discomfort.

One social media user tweeted: “Can’t decide myself whether he needs a psychiatrist or a knuckle sandwich. It’s only a matter of time before somebody decides for him.”

“Have a can of liquid nitrogen and keep spraying the pole for the duration of his train journey,” another remarked.

A third posted: “Another one… they are multiplying… they also seem to like the publicity… they might want to rethink…” while linking a similarly disgusting clip.

Aside from chasing clout, many reports have emerged of sick people–both mentally and physically–deliberately licking, sneezing, or spitting on public objects; presumably, to spread the deadly virus or to instill fear.

One clout-chaser was arrested earlier this week for licking hygienic products on a shelf at a Walmart in Missouri.

He had placed the video on SnapChat and people as far as Ireland and the Netherlands had complained to his local precinct about his behavior.

The 26-year-old social media stuntman is now facing terror threat charges for his actions.