VIDEO: Man Pushes Woman Headfirst Into Subway Car


A man is in custody after violently shoving a woman headfirst into a subway car at DeKalb Avenue Station.

The viral video shows a man leaving an altercation with Thompson, before he shouts, “what?! what?!”

Thompson then moves a few steps before shoving the unsuspecting victim.

Isaiah Thompson, 23, was arrested and charged with assault, menacing, criminal trespassing and reckless endangerment after pushing a woman into a stationary train then jumping onto the tracks and fleeing into the tunnel.

Thompson is believed to have been responsible for pulling the emergency brakes dozens of times according to law enforcement.

According to The New York Post, Thompson was responsible for stalling 700 commutes by pulling the emergency brakes.

This was the third time Thompson had been arrested this year–and his eighteenth transit-related arrest.

Police have called Thompson a ‘repeat offender,’ racking up over a dozen transit-related arrests.

On an incident on May 21st, he was arrested on charges of first-degree criminal tampering, reckless endangerment and public lewdness.

The New York Post also reports that Thompson was arrested for using a knife in a fight last year.

Thompson, last November, had grabbed a woman and attempted to “throw” her in a similar incident.

Thompson also exposed his penis to commuters in another incident.

Thompson currently has six pending criminal cases in New York City.

The extent of the female victim’s injuries still remain unclear as to whether any have been sustained.

Law enforcement are yet to receive complaint on the victim’s behalf.

MTA President, Andy Byford, said, “Enough is enough. This individual is a criminal and it’s unacceptable that he be allowed to continue to create mayhem on the subways, mayhem he admits is deliberate, that puts riders’ and MTA employees’ lives at risk. He should be banned from the system – period.”