VIDEO: Man Strikes Elderly Woman in Random Attack in Brooklyn


A 78-year-old woman was hit in the face in a random, unprovoked assault caught on surveillance camera in the second recent attack on elderly New Yorkers after a woman in her 90s was attacked earlier this month.

The attack occurred along Broadway shortly after 5 p.m. June 10, according to NBC New York.

In the clip, the man clenches a left fist before striking the unsuspecting woman on the top of the head as she walked on along the sidewalk. Following the hit, the woman stumbles a little, before the assailant, seemingly shocked, exchanges a few words with the victim.

The NYPD said that an “unknown individual” socked the defenseless elderly woman “with a closed fist punched her in the head before fleeing to parts unknown.”

The victim refused medical attention following the unprovoked attack despite claiming to be in “substantial pain.”

Police are still searching for the unidentified perpetrator.

National File previously reported on the 92-year-old woman who was knocked to the ground in a similar random attack, by a man later to be revealed as 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage.

Brimmage was charged with assault and his motives were unknown, although he was believed to have carried out three similar attacks in New York City since February.

The elderly Manhattanite victim, who chose to remain anonymous, has since been discharged from medical care following the incident.

Several calls to dismantle the police have arisen since the in-custody killing of suspected fraudster George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.

In Minneapolis, the local council unanimously voted to replace the police department with a “Community-Led Public Safety System”–something that has drawn vocal criticism.