VIDEO: Man Who Licked Ice Cream in Store Now Licked a Toilet for ‘Coronavirus’ Clout


A man, who previously scooped up and handful then licked ice cream from a tub out of a supermarket freezer before putting it back on the shelf, has now filmed himself licking a toilet rim for social media clout as part of a new craze.

The man, who goes by “GAYSHAWNMENDES” on Twitter, films himself walking into a public restroom before boldly approaching a very clean looking toilet bowl and licking it in a tweet captioned: “RT to spread awareness for the Coronavirus :)”

It appears that the dirtiest part of the stunt was his foundation, which he accidentally licked up from the rim as he carried out his clout-chasing performance.

Unsurprisingly, the stunt, despite garnering almost 4.5k likes, was ratioed with negative remarks dominating the comments section.

One commenter remarked: “Ain’t he the one who also licked ice cream? Man, these people will do anything for clout. Clout is a disease. LMFAO.”

“The way the toilet was clean before you licked it and then something appeared on the rim when you licked it and then you licked it right back up. Um sweetie I don’t think it’s the toilet that’s dirty…” said another.

“I thought it was a poop stain but since it appeared after he licked it i think its his foundation haha,” replied a third.

A fourth wrote: “You’re the reason us gays have a bad reputation.”

Sadly, “GAYSHAWNMENDES’” antics were not the first toilet-licking-for-coronavirus-clout footage to circulate social media.

National File reported on a TikTok personality who licked an airplane toilet for the so-called “Coronavirus Challenge.”

National File reported:

In a tweet captioned, “Y’all participating in the new Corona Challenge? This is on a plane btw…” the TikTok user @avalouiise makes her short performance.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of commenters underneath the tweet expressed their disgust at the video–in spite of speculations as to whether the seat had been previously sanitized.

One commenter said: “Whether sterilized it prior to licking or not – she’ll remain in the @DarwinAwards nominees list.

“GAYSHAWNMENDES” was reportedly visited by the police after his unpopular ice cream clip went viral on social media.