VIDEO: Man With ‘Children Cannot Consent To Puberty Blockers’ Sign Suffers Broken Arm After Antifa Gang Assault


Chris Elston, an activist raising awareness around the life changing decision to put children on puberty blocking drugs, was violently attacked by a gang of Antifa members wearing black bloc for holding a sign emblazoned with “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers – Stop The Child Abuse!”

At 6 p.m. on Friday, Elston says he was protesting in Montreal, Canada when several Antifa members arrived in a vehicle and began assaulting him. “I just got attacked by about 7 people. Punched multiple times. Signs smashed. Bodycam gone.” He added, “Forearm might be broken. Police are on the way.”

Though his body cam was stolen, Elston was able to record part of the incident using his phone. “They took my sign with the bodycam,” wrote Elston on Twitter, “But I managed to film them with my phone during the tail end of the assault.”

In the video, multiple Antifa members approach Elston and punch him. They are almost uniformly wearing black with masks over their faces. One man attacked him with a traffic cone, as others pelted him with snow and other objects found on the street. Another woman hosed him with what appears to be a mustard bottle. At the end of the clip, Elston shows his face, and is clearly bleeding from the lip.

Elston revealed that his forearm was indeed broken, and noted that his friend was also attacked and had an expensive wristwatch stolen in the fight.

Posted alongside x rays of his arm, Elston wrote, “My left forearm is broken, but I feel worse for my new friend who came out to support.” He added, “He took a blow and had his expensive watch broken.”

In another post, Elston revealed further injuries. “I took one punch to the face and one right hook to the back of my head from that big guy, but I’m hard-headed so no worries.”

“For the record, I did not fight back. I don’t need police arresting me again for defending myself,” Elston added.

“I’ve got a messed up forearm, a fat lip, and a popped vein in my hand, but this is nothing compared to what’s happening to children across this country.” He continued, “If criminals think an assault is going to slow me down, they’re dead wrong.”

In a new photo, taken with his full arm cast, Elston added, “I will not be intimidated.”

“Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers!”

Elston has raised over $6,600 to raise awareness around puberty blockers being given to supposedly transgender children. On his campaign, he wrote, “We are making progress with a persistent campaign to spread awareness about the harm coming to children from experimental puberty blockers, which cause permanent medical harm.”

Puberty blockers, while often called harmless and reversible by their proponents, stop organ development and other necessary body functions as children grow into adulthood. Even if they are discontinued, internal organs may never fully develop.