VIDEO: Men Strip in Front of CHILDREN at Event in Barcelona


A viral video from Barcelona’s annual Fiestas de la Mercé shows a striptease performed by two men on a stage in front of visibly disgusted underage girls.

The men strip to their underwear–a**less chaps and a thong–while they danced, before turning around and exposing their partially covered buttocks to the crowd.

Striptease for Children in Spain ? 👹Fiestas de la Mercè Barcelona.!

Posted by Dustié Miller on Thursday, September 26, 2019

The performers were a comic duo known as ‘Losin All Forms.’

The inappropriate performance evoked a furious response from Barcelona’s Town Hall.

Barcelona’s Town Hall councilor spokesperson, Oscar Ramírez Lira, called the performance ‘shameful’ and demanded answers from the event’s planners.

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Lira also drew attention to the failure to vet the content prior to its delivery in front of an underage audience.

The controversial video, which sparked an outrage among social media users, was taken from the annual Catalan event that takes place every year between the 21st and 24th of September since 1871 to celebrate the Virgin of Grace (Mare de Déu de la Mercè), the patron saint of the archdiocese of Barcelona, and co-patroness—along with Saint Eulàlia—of Barcelona.

Some place the origins of the celebrations as back as far as 1687, when Barcelona suffered a plague of locusts.

Barcelona has a rich history of progressive politics dating back before the Spanish Civil War–where the city was a Republican stronghold.

Many Catalans wish to separate from Spain to form their own autonomous nation.

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Barcelona is one of the most tolerant and progressive parts of Europe, garnering worldwide attention in their pro-refugee, anti-tourist, positions at a local level.

In spite of their welcoming progressive stance, Catalunya has become a hotbed for radical Islamic activity.