Video: Mexican-born Texas GOP Rep. Mayra Flores Runs Away, Says it’s ‘Not Okay’ to Question Her Amnesty Vote


Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Mexican-born Texas GOP Representative Mayra Flores, whose recent special election victory in a historically blue border district has been heavily touted by the GOP establishment, voted to give amnesty to hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals, supporting a Democrat amendment to sneak a visa giveaway into this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. When confronted on video over her vote, Flores ran away as others called for the cameraman to be escorted out of the building, accusing him of being a “white nationalist” for questioning her vote.

Texas Rep. Mayra Flores joined 61 other GOP members of Congress in crossing party lines to vote with Democrats on adding amnesty provisions to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Under the amnesty amendment, extended visas will be issued to the adult children of Indian tech workers who take high-paying corporate jobs from Americans in exchange for green cards and lower wages. Under current laws, those workers can get visas for their children who are under the age of 21, but they must return to their home nation after reaching adulthood. If they refuse, they become an illegal alien.

Under the Democrat amendment supported by Flores and 61 other GOP’ers, those adult children will be granted new visas, and the ability to remain in the United States with a potential pathway to citizenship, delivering the benefits of both amnesty and chain migration to a group some are calling “documented dreamers.”

Though Flores has publicly denied that the amendment constitutes amnesty, immigration watchdog group NumbersUSA refuted her talking points, with Policy Director Rosemary Jenks telling Breitbart that the “whole point” of the amendment is to give the foreign tech workers’ adult children a legal “status that they don’t deserve before they become illegal.”

In video footage recorded and posted to social media by America First activist Nick Taurus, Rep. Mayra Flores refuses to answer for her vote, using a crowd to shield her as she is quickly ushered behind a closed door.

“Mayra, why did you and 61 other House Republicans vote for amnesty for documented dreamers?” he asked a fleeing Flores, as a finger-waving GOP’er ordered him to be escorted out of the building, repeatedly accusing him of being a “white nationalist” for questioning her vote in favor of mass migration.

Flores, whose husband is a Border Patrol agent, continues to claim that her support of the Democrat NDAA amendment did not constitute a vote for amnesty, and has also taken to Twitter to blast those who question her legislative voting record, claiming that it is both “not okay” to do and “very degrading.”

“It’s not okay to confront and harass someone who has a difference of opinion than yours,” tweeted Flores amidst a social media backlash for her vote and refusal to take questions. “It can be very degrading and is unnecessary. I became a Congresswoman to uphold the constitution, to represent and vote in the best interests of my community.”

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