VIDEO: Minneapolis Rioters Beat, Rob Disabled Woman, Spray Her With Fire Extinguisher


Footage from last night’s Minnesota protest–which immediately turned into a full blown riot–for the police killing of George Floyd shows a disabled woman, who, according to rioters was stabbing passersby, getting beaten, robbed, and even doused by a fire extinguisher.

Last night’s scenes did the rounds on social media, showing widespread chaos and destruction as hundreds descended on Minneapolis to loot and pillage various stores, with a ransacked Target franchise becoming the focal point of the rioting.

Liquor stores and other franchises, including a bookstore, were not spared from the carnage.

One piece of footage shows an older wheelchair-bound white woman fending off a group of people who rob and beat her before she is sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

It was reported that she was attempting to stab people before the video begun rolling. Some also claim the woman was seen getting out of her wheelchair as she wielded a sharp object.

According to The Daily Mail, she was reportedly protesting the looting of the Target store that was virtually razed during the incursion.

After she was restrained, beaten, and sprayed in the face, cheers erupted as chaos ensued.

In another video, the woman recalled the incident, claiming that she was peacefully protesting outside of Target before the beating took place.

She said: “they attacked me from [the] back, from [the] front and back. They punched me on my mouth, my head. I got punched on my head several times, I got grabbed from behind, people grabbed my wheelchair, they stole my keys.”

She added: “they stole everything they could off of me. I got maced in the face, I got covered with fire extinguisher stuff. I already seen the EMTs and they told me to go home.”

Many believe the riots were coordinated for the sole purpose to wreak havoc on the streets of Minneapolis.