VIDEO: National Guard Bends Knee in Solidarity with BLM


A video has emerged on social media showing the National Guard bend the knee in solidarity with the recent Black Lives Matter protests over the unlawful in-custody killing of suspected fraudster George Floyd.

The weekend was brimming with chaos as dozens of major U.S. cities were burned and looted as rioters wreaked havoc in protest of police brutality and systemic racism.

The protests have gone overseas with disturbances being reported in Paris and London as minority populations flout social distancing to show solidarity with African-Americans.

In this video, the National Guard in Los Angeles appears to bend the knee for the camera in front on protesters.

The gesture was pilloried on social media, with several implying the stunt to be inappropriate.

“Are you kidding me??? Our military should only be on it’s knees to pray. Absolutely disgusting. Every single one of these ‘soldiers’ should be terminated from the military. They know that kneeling is disrespecting the flag they fight under,” wrote one person.

Another asked: “Land of the free and home of the simps. Where have the real men gone?”

“This will backfire. It’ll increase further demands for submission that they won’t be willing to concede,” remarked a third.

A fourth posted: “Whatever it takes. Their mission is to diffuse. It’s either this or a massacre. How many of them are acting on their own accord? They are being given orders for the best outcome.”

To which another replied: “Incorrect. Their mission is to restore and maintain order by force (if necessary). Kowtowing to the rioters will only backfire, you watch. They swore an oath, and by begging for peace on their knees in uniform, they are in breach and subject to UCMJ repercussions..”

Police in the UK were also mocked for virtue signalling in front of protesters by bending the knee on what has become a globally politicized issue.