VIDEO: NFL Proudly Declares That ‘Football is Gay,’ ‘Queer,’ and ‘Transgender’


In a new video, the NFL has proudly declared that football is not only “gay,” but also “lesbian,” “transgender,” “queer,” and accepting of everyone.

The 30 second advert produced by the NFL, which was described by TMZ as being a “powerful video,” declares in white text on a black background that “football is gay,” in a move apparently designed to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Further descriptors of what the NFL claim football is then pop up on screen, including “lesbian,” “queer,” “exciting,” “transgender,” “heart,” “power,” “bisexual,” and finishes by saying that football is “for everyone.”

“I am proud of the clear message this spot sends to the NFL’s LGBTQ+ fans: This game is unquestionably for you,” said Sam Rapoport, the diversity director for the NFL, to gay sports outlet Outsports. “I will be playing its first line over and over in my head all season,” he added. “This spot is about celebrating Pride, and the importance of inclusion,” Tim Ellis, the NFL’s chief marking officer also noted. “It’s imperative that we use our voice and leverage the NFL platform to drive positive change, which includes supporting what our players care about and what they stand for.”

The advertisment, put together with LGBTQ+ youth organisation, The Trevor Project, was created in direct response to Carl Nassib, the pass-rusher for the Las Vegas Raiders, coming out as gay last week, an NFL spokesman confirmed. “I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but I finally feel comfortable to get this off my chest,” Nassib said in a video posted to Instagram. “I’m going to do my best and do my part to cultivate a culture that’s accepting and passionate,” he continued, further announcing he would be donating $100K to the Trevor Project.

Unsurprisingly, the video was relentlessly mocked on social media, with many noting that the NFL had continued down a road of pandering to leftist cultural norms, most notably previously the movement to kneel for Black Lives Matter.