VIDEO: Nurses Dance With Mock COVID-19 ‘Corpse’ in TikTok Video


A viral video circulating social media showing four healthcare professionals dancing with a fake corpse with the words “COVID-19” written on the makeshift body bag’s feet has been negatively received.

Various images of healthcare professionals dancing, twerking, and even showing nudity have surfaced–all receiving varied responses.

At first, these images were welcomed by many, encouraging the videos to keep spirits high. However, in the past few days, social media has become saturated with multiple images, slowly shifting public opinion away from healthcare workers as choreographic becomes more risque and outrageous.

The video depicting masked up nurses dancing with the fake corpse imitates a new internet meme involving professional Ghanaian pallbearers. The meme itself has enjoyed tremendous success on social media.

Rumors began circulating social media as to whether the body itself was a real corpse.

Nevertheless, the video raised several eyebrows as annoyed viewers gave their opinions on the amateur dance routine.

One tweeter said: “I agree that it should never have been a tiktok thing, But, knowing a number of first responder’s (cops, paramedics, nurses etc.) A very dark sense of humor is not meant as a way of offending or insulting anyone, but rather a coping mechanism for the horrible they see every day.”

To which another replied: “I don’t think you will be happy with if they used your family member for a coping mechanism video. We all stand and clap for NHS workers for their outstanding work they do but not for some of them to disrespect the tragic death of someone’s loved one like they did in this video.”

Another tweeter wrote: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour this is unacceptable and they should know better.”

“They’re carrying the “corpse” of corona virus insinuating that they will kill the virus. Not an actual patient,” tweeted a second, attempting to clarify the corpse as symbolic.

“It’s a dummy and depicts the winning of the war on Covid 19,” wrote a third.

Several memes deriding healthcare professionals for using their spare time for TikTok videos have gained popularity as millions endure lockdown during the global pandemic.