VIDEO: Obese Drag Queen Advises Boy to be ‘Princess’


In a short clip doing the rounds on Twitter, a visibly overweight story hour drag queen asks a child in the audience what they wanted to be when they were older.

The event took place at what is, at this moment, an unconfirmed location.

The child replied, “Spiderman.”

To which the performer responded, “You wanna be a Spiderman? Wow… or a princess Spiderman? You never know – you can be anything you want.”

He added, “I’m a drag queen.”

The child, who appears to be a boy, is wearing a bright pink dress.

In recent weeks, a story of a 7-year-old Texan boy, whose mother wishes his sex to be legally changed to begin the transition to become a girl named Luna, had made waves on social media.

The father who staunchly resisted the court decision to go ahead with the transition managed to stave off a final decision following a public outrage.

‘Drag’ story hour and ‘Drag kids’ have made recent headlines. The former drawing criticism over misuse of public funds in hosting the events in public libraries; and both have drawn criticism over exposing children to sexual themes from a young age.

In a recent drag story hour in Minnesota, the performer accidentally flashed the audience as their skirt rode up their legs.

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In California, a pastor believed his church was vandalized after taking a public line condemning drag story hour.

At another event, the performer strips off in front of children.

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In Spokane, Washington, a drag story hour was protected by snipers from protesters.

Two drag story hour performers in Houston were discovered to be registered sex offenders with offenses against children.

Drag kids have also made a splash–with some help from the mainstream media.

Both have received ample criticism from both sides of the debate.