VIDEO: Old Man Threatens Protesters with Sci-Fi Knife ‘Contraption’


The recent George Floyd protests have resulted in widespread violence across major U.S. cities and overseas with violence being reported in London, Paris, and Stockholm. Despite the violence, some bloopers and footage akin to scenes from Grand Theft Auto have also made the rounds on social media.

In this clip, an angered “boomer” allegedly attempted to run over Black Lives Matter protesters in Whitestone, Queens, New York City, before chasing and threatening them with a science fiction worthy knife contraption on his arm, resembling X-Men’s Wolverine claws.

The protesters can be heard talking about calling the cops–despite protesting police brutality as part of the worldwide support to the black community for the in-custody killing of George Floyd.

According to reports, no arrests have been made at this present time.

“The sweet irony of protesters protesting the police calling the police for protection against an enraged guy who’s p****d over trash thrown by protesters toward man’s car. I could watch this all day,” one person commented.

To which another replied: “I think they were protesting police brutality and murdering of blacks. If they were protesting the police for arresting psychopathic knife killers then that would be irony. I think it’s reasonable to ask police to catch crazy knife assailants and also to not murder black folks.”

A third person tweeted: “Why are they yelling to call the police??? How soon they forget that according to them, the police are the enemy.”

Over the weekend, in other strange clips, there was a man who accidentally set himself on fire when he attempted to launch a Molotov cocktail into a building.

A rioter got brutally sandwiched between a dumpster and a metal barrier when other rioters attempted to knock down the barrier by charging the wheelie bin.

Lastly, a looter had a shatter-proof store window fall on his head as he attempted to break into a high end boutique in Chicago.