VIDEO: Over 150 African Migrants Storm Spanish-Morocco Border


Over 150 Sub-Saharan African illegal immigrants breached the Spanish-Morocco border at Spain’s North-African enclave of Ceuta.

Spain, being a member of the EU, has two prominent enclaves in North Africa: Ceuta and Melilla.

This isn’t the first time Ceuta’s border has been breached by dozens–if not, hundreds–of Sub-Saharan African migrants.

Over a thousand migrants stormed the border in 2017. 

Many incursions have been violent, with reports of battery acid, feces, bottles, and blunt objects being used against Spanish border guards.

This incident was no different.

Eleven border guards were injured as the migrants used bats, hooks, feces, and acid in order to gain access to what is technically the EU.

The migrants were heard to have been shouting “bosa” which means “victory” in English.

Migrants have also suffered injuries attempting to enter the Spanish enclave as several fences with razor wire have to be passed.

Spain’s socialist government is looking to remove the wire at their enclaves because of the rates of injuries sustained by the illegal immigrants and to modernize their border security.

To add insult to injury, Spain, which has recovered anemically from its economic woes, is offering free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

African migrants looking to gain easy access into Europe have been storming the border at Ceuta for years. 

Camps are set up in the countryside surrounding the Spanish enclave before these human waves are formed.

Spain has felt the pressure from mass immigration–becoming one a hotbed of Jihadist activity in Catalonia and seeing its public services stretched to cater to additional demand.