VIDEO: Owen Shroyer Arrested After Storming Impeachment Hearing, Accusing Democrats of Treason


This morning Infowars’ Owen Shroyer stormed the U.S. House Impeachment hearings to accuse Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and the House Democrats of committing treason for attempting to impeach President Donald Trump without evidence and was later arrested.

As Nadler began speaking this morning, Shroyer began a live stream on Twitter and began disrupting the hearing.

“Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country, and you can kick me out, but he’s the one committing crimes,” shouted Shroyer. “You are, Jerry Nadler!”

“You’re the one committing treason, America’s done with this,” Shroyer continued. “America’s sick of the treason committed by the Democrat party.”

Shroyer continued to shout for nearly a minute before security arrived to remove him from the scene.

“We’re not going to sit here and watch you run an impeachment scam and remove our vote. We voted for Donald Trump, and they’re simply removing him because they don’t like him,” Shroyer yelled. “Americans are sick of the impeachment scam. They’re sick of the Democrat treason.”

“We know who committed the crimes, and it wasn’t Trump,”

“Trump is innocent,” bellowed Shroyer.

At this point security arrived to remove Shroyer, asking him for identification and whether he had any weapons on his person.

“I’m not violent guys, I just came, did my thing,” said Shroyer. He then identified himself as Owen Shroyer from

When he entered the hallway, a member of the media asked for his name and he provided a comment.

“If you’d like a comment, I think it’s ironic I’m being hauled out of here when the Democrats are committing crimes.”

He continued, “I have a whole crew of security here. I’ve committed no crimes.”

Shroyer was later arrested for his outburst.

“So I’m being arrested right now for disrupting Congress. I’m a criminal for my First Amendment rights, you see it right here, folks,” said Shroyer as he was placed in handcuffs.

Shroyer is still in custody at the time of this report.