VIDEO: Owen Shroyer Questions Women’s March Protesters About Epstein, They Threaten to Fight Him


Owen Shroyer traveled to Washington, D.C. to cover the Women’s March, Lobby Day pro-gun rally in nearby Virginia, and the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, and encountered several protesters who refused to talk about deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Shroyer repeatedly asked protesters for their thoughts on Epstein and his sex trafficking of minor girls, and received chants of “Fake news” and accusations that he was uninformed in return.

“I’m out here talking about women being trafficked as sex slaves, and you guys don’t want to talk about it, because you just want to hate Trump,” said Shroyer. “That’s all this is.”

At this point, the crowd began loudly chanting “Fake News,” appearing to suggesting that they do not believe Epstein’s initial conviction nor the second arrest that precipitated his conspicuous suicide are factual.

“Yeah, fake news. Epstein’s sex trafficking is fake news, you’re right,” said Shroyer, sarcastically.

Shroyer continued, “You guys cover up women being sex trafficked but you claim you’re pro women.”

Eventually, Shroyer found a woman, wearing a pink pussy hat, willing to talk to him.

“You don’t care about women being sex trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein,” asked Shroyer.

The woman responded, “Who the hell are you?”

She claimed not to know who Shroyer or Infowars were, and became aggressive and standoffish during the short interview.

“What do you think about Epstein,” asked Shroyer.

She responded, “I don’t know,” before accusing Shroyer of only mentioning Epstein’s sex trafficking “for publicity.”

After Shroyer asked the woman why she attended the Women’s March, she gave a long winded response about equal rights and President Trump.

“I’m here for women’s rights, men’s rights, equal rights, and get that Trump out of the White House.”

Shroyer mocked the woman, “That’s what it is right there.”

“The same media that covered up sex slavery wants Trump out and here you are fighting for them.”

At this point, she claimed Shroyer does not “know what [he’s] talking about,” and admitted that the protesters “hate” him.

“Did Jeffrey Epstein run Sex Trafficking Island,” asked Shroyer.

She responded, “I don’t care what he did.”

“You don’t care about women, that’s my point,” said Shroyer. “Women are being sex trafficked and you admit you don’t care.”

The elderly woman then asserted that Shroyer should not be at the Women’s March, and offered to fight him.

“What do you want, do you want to fight? I can do that too,” said the woman.

Shroyer, seemingly bemused, jibed the woman.

“You’re a real great example of a woman in America.”

At this point the woman began removing her orange gloves, apparently preparing to fight Shroyer.

“Are you threatening me now,” asked Shroyer.

“Maybe,” she responded.

Shroyer was arrested last year after interrupting the House impeachment hearings and calling Democrats traitors.

Also at the Women’s March, radio and TV host Alex Jones wore a pink pussy hat and befriended several protesters by chanting “Down With Trump” into a megaphone.

National File reported:

Seeing a group of women protesting the president nearby, Jones approached them, still filming, and began encouraging them to join him in chanting “Down With Trump!”

The group of at least four women happily obliged, and began chanting “Down With Trump” with Jones, even with his security standing only inches away.

“Let’s go,” said Jones, jumping with the chant, “See how easy it is?”

“Down with Trump!”

National File will continue to cover events in Washington, D.C. and Virginia as we approach the impeachment trial and Virginia’s pro-gun rally.