VIDEO: Pallet of Bricks Shows Up Outside Dallas City Hall Before Riots


In video footage from Dallas, Texas, a pallet of bricks appeared outside of Dallas City Hall as rioters across the country continue to damage property and loot almost unabated, while authorities in some areas adopt a questionable “hands-off” approach.

In the footage, the stack of bricks is set up on the middle of the pavement. The person filming tells their viewers: “this right here? This is a set up,” while the other person said: “they put this here on purpose, bro.”

As the walk away from the bricks, they inform that there are no construction sites nearby. One of the men asks: “where do them bricks go to?”

“Ain’t no damn construction around here,” he added, before continuing, “y’all just gonna set up a pallet of bricks right here, aww, ok?”

“I did jury duty three months ago, y’all don’t keep no bricks right there–do better,” he concluded.

Pallet of bricks just shows up outside the Dallas City Hall. This is all part of the plan, but free people freely throwing bricks and starting fires, destroying property from their own volition, very real. Do you know how much bigger the government is going to grow using this as a mandate?

Posted by Michael Joseph on Saturday, May 30, 2020

Some have begun to question the prevailing narrative that the protests mushroomed around America organically–without any coordination.

Several images from major U.S. cities tell a story of much destruction, as police cruisers were torched, stores were looted, buildings destroyed, and even the Atlanta CNN Headquarters were vandalized.

The rioting has, so far, claimed two lives. One suspected looter was shot as he fled a pawn shop in Minneapolis and a police officer was shot dead in California amid last night’s chaos.

Via National File:

At a midnight press conference, Minneapolis Police Chief John Elder confirmed that a man, suspected of looting by the store owner, was shot dead outside of the Cadillac Pawn Shop and Jewelry on East Lake Street near Bloomington Avenue, reported Market Watch.

According to Metro, a man is in custody following the shooting that took place around 9:25 p.m. last night as police entertain a few different scenarios when attempting to recreate the events leading up to the fatal incident.

EMTs reached the wounded man and attempted to perform CPR before he was pronounced dead at hospital.

Elder nodded that there were no other known serious injuries or fatalities. He blasted the rioters saying: “If people are there to truly honor the man and his family this isn’t how you do it and it’s so disrespectful and it’s heartbreaking. People are utilizing this as a purpose just to make bad decisions.”