VIDEO: PewDiePie Lays into ‘Simps’ Who Donate to ‘E-Girls’


World-famous YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, took aim at horny men who donate to girls on the internet who wouldn’t look at them twice out in public.

In his March 9 upload PewDiePie laid into men the internet has termed “simps”–to describe weak, usually sexually frustrated men who fritter away their money on e-girls they would never be able to date in real life–who dish out their cash on Twitch streamers.

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According to Dexerto, he made a specific reference to “simps” who donated to streamers Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys & BadBunny.

PewDiePie dived into the internet phenomenon which has transcended political and cultural lines on social media.

He said, “Remember a few months ago, there was this girl complaining about not getting a $5 donation,” in reference to men who enable the corollary phenomenon of so-called e-girls.

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He continued: “She knows what she’s doing. She’s antagonizing the simps!”

Here, he identifies a toxic symbiosis between simp and e-girl, where the former often parts ways with his money fairly easily over the latter’s complaints.

Pewds also referred to a donor, who went by the name “Russell,” who gave Twitch star Pokimane $500 after dancing, to which he mocked, jokingly pleading the munificent stream viewer to never do that again.

The YouTuber also derided men who flock to defend an e-girl’s honor on social media after they’re embroiled in e-drama.

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He then made a joke at himself for simping to his own wife after calling simps “the lowest of the low,” saying: “Imagine simping for a girl with dyed hair.”