VIDEO: PewDiePie Mocks Sweden For Open Borders Policies – ‘Mass Immigration Everyone’


Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg poked fun at Sweden for open borders policies that have seen foreign immigrants become the dominant social minority in a YouTube video on Saturday.

In a short clip from his “LWIAY” series video, Kjellberg reacted to a meme that showcased the most studied language on the Duolingo app in various countries.

Upon seeing that Swedish is the most studied language in Sweden, PewDiePie threw up his hands and said, “Sweden learning Sweden, mass immigration everyone!”

“That’s right, I think they say it even,” Kjellberg said, laughing, while scrolling over the top comment on the subreddit, which said, “fun fact: the reason why swedish is the most learned language in sweden is because of immigrants who moved there taking to duolingo courses to learn swedish.”

Kjellberg, who has been repeatedly been falsely accused of racism and white supremacy in the media for obvious jokes and heated gamer moments, has occasionally voiced his opinion on various political and cultural topics on his YouTube channel.

Earlier in March, Kjellberg talked about the online conversation regarding “simps” and “cucks” who donate to “egirls.”

Via National File:

In his March 9 upload PewDiePie laid into men the internet has termed “simps”–to describe weak, usually sexually frustrated men who fritter away their money on e-girls they would never be able to date in real life–who dish out their cash on Twitch streamers.

According to Dexerto, he made a specific reference to “simps” who donated to streamers Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys & BadBunny.

PewDiePie dived into the internet phenomenon which has transcended political and cultural lines on social media.

He said, “Remember a few months ago, there was this girl complaining about not getting a $5 donation,” in reference to men who enable the corollary phenomenon of so-called e-girls.

PewDiePie continued: “She knows what she’s doing. She’s antagonizing the simps!”

Kjellberg also voiced his opinions on cultural appropriation and called atheists “cringe” in a video uploaded in December.