VIDEO: Piers Morgan Identifies as a ‘Two-Spirit Neutroid Pangender Penguin’


You do you, boo.

As the discussion concerning identity gains more traction in the mainstream, Piers Morgan took to expressing his true being–a “Two-Spirit Neutroid Pangender Penguin.”

Morgan made the stunning and brave revelation in a clip discussion a BBC’s educational video in which over 100 gender identities are recognized and taught to students between the ages of 9-12.

The clip also appears to be discussing a topic which made the rounds yesterday: a penguin that was adopted by a gay penguin couple will raised gender neutral by its Aquarium.

From the clip, it appears as if the person invited to speak about the topics–the gender neutral penguin and the BBC’s educational video detailing 100 gender identities–takes issue with Morgan’s outlandish claim.

Morgan swiftly interrupts the guest, challenging the guest for questioning his identities.

The clip exposes a flaw within the hypersubjective realm of constructing identities: which identities are authentic and which identities aren’t being co-opted to gain social status.

Many people struggle to find meaning in a postmodern world and flock to brands or gender identities created on Tumblr to give oneself validity.

Moreover, a prevailing narrative in the mainstream emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual–leading to the demand for impossibly absurd identifications to give oneself purpose.

Now animals can be party to the race for identity.

In Arizona, there was a drag dog show.

Spanish anti-speciesist transfeminists separated cockerels from hens out of concerns that the hens were unable to consent and, therefore, prone to being raped.

Each to their own.