VIDEO: Police Chief Lies Down Face First in Solidarity with #BLM Protesters


A Pennsylvania police chief is one of the latest members of law enforcement to kowtow to Black Lives Matter protesters after he laid down face first on the ground with his hands behind his back in an act of solidarity with the movement taking Western countries by storm.

Webster, Pennsylvania police chief Michael Shaw appeared in a popular video on social media virtue signaling to appease a crowd as public opinion of police falls to all-time lows following the recent death of suspected fraudster George Floyd while he was in police custody.

The original tweet with the video was captioned, “In an incredibly powerful moment, Police Chief Michael Shaw, urged by chanting, joins the crowd laying face down on the pavement.”

Shaw can be seen lying prostrate, imitating a heavy-handed arrest.

Following the act of solidarity, Shaw addresses the crowd admitting that police officers could do better after the protests and riots caused by Floyd’s unlawful death.

Shaw refers to various individuals who reached out to him during the protests and riots to have rocked dozens of major U.S. cities, telling the crowd “your message has been heard loud and clear.”

The token gesture, however, was not well-received by many on social media.

“Anyone self-flagellating for this race cult deserves to crawl as long as they live. Just stay down, eunuchs,” wrote one account.

Another person tweeted: “It’s not powerful. It’s incredibly weak.”

Others called for the police chief’s sacking or resignation while branding the stunt as “cringeworthy” and “embarrassing.”

In LA, earlier last week, the National Guard bent the knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in another pose that was chided by many critics.

Via National File:

The gesture was pilloried on social media, with several implying the stunt to be inappropriate.

“Are you kidding me??? Our military should only be on it’s knees to pray. Absolutely disgusting. Every single one of these ‘soldiers’ should be terminated from the military. They know that kneeling is disrespecting the flag they fight under,” wrote one person.

Another asked: “Land of the free and home of the simps. Where have the real men gone?”

“This will backfire. It’ll increase further demands for submission that they won’t be willing to concede,” remarked a third.

A fourth posted: “Whatever it takes. Their mission is to diffuse. It’s either this or a massacre. How many of them are acting on their own accord? They are being given orders for the best outcome.”

Law enforcement siding with politically-charged protesters is not an exclusively American phenomenon as a female cop in Sweden took a knee and threw a black power fist. UK policemen were also pressured into virtue signalling for BLM in a wave of recent protests to hit Great Britain.