VIDEO: President Trump Now Promises 500 Miles of Wall By End of 2020


President Donald J. Trump projects the US-Mexico border wall to be ahead of schedule with a projected completion of 500 miles by the end of the 2020 calendar year.

The National File reported earlier this year that President Trump promised to accomplish 400 miles of border wall.

“Government sources have the completion date for the 3 projects as January 31st 2020; it is unclear whether this stretch was included in President Trump’s estimation that 400 miles of border wall would be built by the end of 2020.”

As previously reported by National File, Trump’s construction project in Tuscan, Arizona, otherwise known as the Tucsan Project 2, will replace miles of fence with the new border wall while building plans are completed in anticipation for the Tuscan Project 3.

“The final barrier designs are not yet complete,” says Paul Enriquez, the director of the Border Wall Program. In the meantime, the construction project will be using 30 foot tall steel poles 6 inches in diameter. These poles will be spaced 4 inches apart and the remainder of the space will be filled with concrete.

President Trump further reports in his interview with Fox News his gratitude for the 25,000 Mexican soldiers actively protecting the border.

“They’ve done a fantastic job, and we appreciate that very much.”

The Wall is being built rapidly. We should have 500 miles of border wall completed by the end of next year!

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Mexico has never before participated in the protection of our southern border. Now with the assistance of these 25,000 soldiers, the rate of illegal border crossings has dropped by 50 per cent from may till now.

With a partnership from countries in the region, the leadership of Trump, and applying our collective resources to the security of our border, the extra 100 miles of wall is a sliver of hope for the MAGA community who worried there would be no follow through on President Trump’s largest campaign promise of 2016, to build the wall and address illegal immigration.