VIDEO: Pro-Trans UK Politician Claims ‘Children Born Without Sex’


At a time where the recent phenomenon of “drag kids” – pre-pubescent boys dressed in drag – has seemingly peaked, comes a bizarre claim from a UK politician.

In addition to a fierce transgender rift in the UK Labour party, Dawn Butler, the Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, made a stunning remark on the morning TV Show Good Morning Britain.

On the show, discussing popular transgender issues, Butler claimed that children are “born without sex.”

The GMB presenter, Richard Madeley asked, “Do you think somebody that embraces transgender but nevertheless decides that there is a biological difference based on chromosomes, based on a penis that may not have been removed after surgery, are you saying that you think that person is transphobic?”

Butler replied, “If you’re saying that a trans woman isn’t a woman then there are are issues around that.”

“Talking about penises and vaginas,” she continued, “doesn’t help the conversation because what you’re saying then is a trans woman isn’t a woman by your own definition.”

Afterwards, Madeley remarked, “Look when a child is born they are identified and observed in a particular way.”

To which Butler, making the controversial reply, said, “A child is born with sex, a child is formed without sex in the beginning.”

According to LifeSite News, Butler is in the process of campaigning to become deputy leader of the Labour Party.

As previously mentioned, the Labour Party recently split over the subject of trans rights – in particular, coming into conflict with old school feminist sentiments regarding the possibility of biological men occupying women’s spaces.

Another Labour politician, Lisa Nandy, made another controversial remark at a rally where she implied that transgender child rapists, who identify as female, should be able to spend their sentence in a women’s prison–in spite of, perhaps, negative consequences such as risking female inmates to sexual abuse.

Butler is one of the party’s members who supports a pledge to expel members of the Labour Party who hold transphobic views.