VIDEO: Professor Blames Trump for Black Women’s Obesity


New Jersey professor suggests that Trump is to blame for Women of color obesity–not their habits.

Rutgers gender studies professor, Brittany Cooper, when speaking to a group of black women on Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Black Women OWN the Conversation,” made the claim, “I hate when people talk about black women being obese. I hate it because it becomes a way to blame us for a set of conditions that we didn’t create.”

She added, “We are living in the Trump era. And look, those policies kill our people. You can’t get access to good health care, good insurance.”

Professor Cooper then suggested that white women have an easier time controlling their weight over having less worries about President Trump.

Racism rears its head again, as Cooper went onto say, “It’s literally that the racism that you’re experiencing and the struggle to make ends meet actually means the diet don’t work for you the same.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time food and racism have been compared and contrasted, with several publications making cases for the existence of racism wherever there are nutritional differences.

In September, the ‘Ethnic’ food aisle was called racist, including making an article appearance in The Washington Post.

Furthermore, it isn’t even the first time that black female obesity has been linked to racism.

A 2013 academic paper titled, ‘Overweight and Obesity Among African American Women: An Examination of Predictive and Risk Factors and Weight-Reduction Recommendations,’ by Marcia E. Sutherland interrogates issues such as racism as factors in the nutritional plight of women of color.