VIDEO: Protester Screams ‘I Am A Woman, Stop Misgendering Me’ While Restrained By National Guard


Viral video footage shows a chaotic episode during a Black Lives Matter protest, where a protester who is being restrained and arrested by police officers and members of the U.S. Army National Guard repeatedly screams, “I am a woman, stop misgendering me!”

In the clip, several National Guard troopers can be seen attempting to restrain a person who is thrashing about wildly on the sidewalk and unleashing guttural howls.

The conversation between the individual and the Guardsmen is partly obscured by the chatter of the person filming, who identifies themselves as a Marine Corps veteran and repeatedly tries to approach the scene of the scuffle, while being shooed away by the National Guard.

“I don’t understand, why is this happening?” the camerawoman says.

“You need to move back,” a soldier replies, before being drowned out by screams of “Get off of me… I am a woman! I am a woman! I am a woman!”

At least four soldiers can be seen attempting to restrain the detainee on the ground at this point, with limited success.

One of the Black Lives Matter protesters begins yelling offscreen, “Go back to Afghanistan and get killed you f**kers! Go back to Afghanistan!” in the direction of the National Guard soldiers.

“I hope the Taliban shoots you one day mother f**kers,” the offscreen protester continues. “You are not patriots. You are not patriots.”

The individual being restrained is then raised to a sitting position by the soldiers, and proceeds to shriek, “No I am not all right! Nooooooo! And I am a woman, stop misgendering me! Stop misgendering me!” in response to a nearby police officer saying, “Let’s get him up.”

National Guard members finally haul the detainee unceremoniously to a standing position despite the latter’s attempts to drag both feet on the ground, and disperse from the area while weathering more insults and profanity from the crowd.

The full video can be seen below.

The bizarre nature of the video led to it quickly going viral on Twitter Monday, within several hours of being posted by journalist Cassandra Fairbanks.