VIDEO: Psaki Frantically Swats Fly Off Her Head, Says ‘At Least It’s Not A Cicada’


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a fly land on her head during a press conference today, adding herself to the list of US politicians and government officials who had similar interactions with the insects in the past.

During a White House press conference today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was told by a reporter that a fly was resting on top of her head. Upon hearing the news, Psaki frantically swatted the insect and said “at least it’s not a cicada.”

After Psaki discussed rising inflation rates and vaccines, an observant reporter tells the Press Secretary “I think there’s a fly on your head..”

Psaki immediately moves to brush the fly out of her hair. “Oh thank you,” she said. “At least it’s not a cicada.”

Many Americans would recall a similar instance during the 2020 Vice Presidential debate, in which a fly landed on the head of disgraced former Vice President Mike Pence, who experts say committed a series of constitutional violations in the following months after the November election.

Pence was recently heckled with chants of “TRAITOR!” while speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit, as National File reported.

During a 2016 Presidential Debate against former President Donald Trump, Americans were stunned to see a fly land on an unphased Hillary Clinton who, unlike Psaki, made no effort to avoid the insect as it repeatedly landed on her clothes and face.

For some reason, flies seem to be attracted US politicians and government officials live on air. Viewers watched in horror as Senator Ted Cruz ate one on live television alongside Sean Hannity, as seen in an old clip that resurfaced on Twitter with the hashtag #ToadCruz.

The phenomenon can be traced further back to the era of former President Barack Obama, who caught a fly mid-interview, strangely drawing praise from his supporters.

Flies are known to feed off dead cells and rotting flesh. Additionally, historians have pointed out that “in the Biblical plague of Egypt, flies represent death and decay. The Philistine God Beelzebub’s name, (often equated with Satan), means Lord of the Flies. In Greek mythology Zeus sent a fly to bite Pegasus, the winged horse, causing his rider Bellerophon to fall back to earth when he was attempting to fly to Mount Olympus the home of the gods.”