VIDEO: Rioter Says ‘F**k White People Bro, They Bad as F**k Bro’


As the riots gear up for another night of carnage through major U.S. cities, the prevailing narrative hovers around the mistreatment of minority groups in America.

The protests over the in-custody killing of suspected fraudster George Floyd reopened a conversation on black victims of police brutality.

Now, on social media, there has been a bizarre shift in the narrative, with blue checkmarks and officials blaming the violence on white supremacists.

However, in light of this new development, many on Twitter have derided the suggestion that white supremacists were to blame for much of the devastation. Minneapolis officials did find, however, that the bulk of those arrested for looting and rioting were out-of-towners.

Several memes and Tweets mocking those spinning the narrative have saturated much of the trending hashtag.

Here, in the below clip, an interviewer asks the youth how they feel about participating in the protest.

Those “youths” use the opportunity to articulate their disdain for white people.

The interviewee, wearing a Mexican flag bandana, says: “it’s bad, bro. F*** white people, bro. White people are bad as f***, bro.”

He goes onto say: “blacks and browns united, bro,” before rambling about America being of all colors.

Riot Coverage

“White people are bad bro, it’s time for black and brown to unite against them”It’s time for white people to realize whats going on here. We will be the minority in approximately ten years.

Posted by Vincent James on Friday, May 29, 2020

Calls to dismantled racism in America tend to have a notably anti-white undercurrent. A popular notion are the 21st Century mantras: “white people cannot experience racism” and “reverse racism isn’t real”–both containing a dehumanizing slant.

Dozens of people on social media have confessed their contempt towards white people. The media has exclusively promoted narratives backing their political agenda.